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Our Leadership Team

Manik Taneja

Manik Taneja, our illustrious Director, is leading Study Globe to new heights. With an impressive legal education and a lifelong interest in helping others, he leads students to succeed in their career at universities around the world. His skills as a practicing lawyer and his eagerness to learn go well together, putting a bright light on your way to academic success in a foreign country. When he's not figuring out complicated regulations, he's exploring places seeking out the mysteries of life. Join Manik Taneja on a path to academic greatness on the world stage, where the search of knowledge and the symphony of legal accuracy intertwine.

He is an expert in student visa applications and can provide valuable guidance on the best way to obtain a student visa for your chosen country.

Kunal Taneja

Study Globe's acclaimed Director, Kunal Taneja, has a dynamic vision to help you study or migrate overseas. In our Sydney Office, Australia, He manages the international relations. He empowers your trip with a plethora of foreign education experience from colleges and universities and a deep grasp of other cultures. 
Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and MBA from Australian Catholic University are among his many accomplishments. His weekend preference for trailheads over workplace spreadsheets shows his free-spiritedness. A skilled migration agent, Kunal Taneja mixes intelligence and adventure. His diverse skills and interpersonal skills make him an essential asset to our firm. His global experience will make your session feel like a well-orchestrated symphony of your ambitions for studying or moving abroad and care.

Meet Our Team of Migration Experts and Counsellors at Study Globe

Are you looking for a reliable migration expert to help navigate the often confusing and daunting process of migrating to another country? Look no further! At Study Globe, we have a team of experienced professionals passionate about ensuring your experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. From visa applications to job searches and even education advice, our team has the knowledge and experience to help you on your path to success. Read on to meet our amazing team of migration experts and counselors!

Vivek Mutreja

Vivek Mutreja is a highly motivated and passionate induvidual who is alway eager to help all th students. He is graduated with Bachelor of technology degree and a business qualification with more than 5 years of experience of educating the aspiring students to choose the best study destination.

Mohan Lal

Mohan Lal has very rich experience of working in UAE and Delhi NCR for above 9 years. He has worked with students to acheice their Migration and study abroad goals.  He has a wealth of knowledge regarding the admission and immigration process  for various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom abd Europe. He is always up-to-date with the latest changes and requirements. He is passionate about helping students fulfill their potential and reach their goals.

Rimpy Sardana

Rimpy Sardana is looking after study abroad operations in Sirsa Office. She is one of our highly qualified and experienced study abroad experts and counselors at Study Globe. She has extensive knowledge and experience in migration and education and has helped many students successfully migrate to Australia. She is passionate about helping students achieve their dreams of studying in Australia and has worked with Study Globe for over five years.


Since joining Study Globe, Radhika has worked with students worldwide, providing them with expert advice and guidance on how to migrate and study overseas successfully. Whether you're looking to study in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States, Kaifi can help you achieve your goals. She takes a personalized approach with each of his clients, ensuring they receive the best possible advice and assistance throughout their journey.

Parnav Arora

Parnav has extensive experience helping students with their visa applications and providing guidance on the best courses and universities to apply to. He is also knowledgeable in assisting professionals with their skilled migration applications.


Manisha is one of our expert migration counselors at Study Globe. She has a wealth of experience in the Australian migration process and is here to help guide you through every step of your journey. She understands the process inside out and will be with you every step of the way to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Simran Grover

Simran has an in-depth understanding of the migration process and can provide valuable insights and advice to her clients. She is also proficient in several languages, which allows her to communicate effectively with clients from diverse backgrounds. Simran is dedicated to providing the best possible service to her clients and strives to ensure they can achieve their goals.

Monika Mahajan

Monika Mahajan is a highly experienced Migration Agent and Counsellor at Study Globe. She has a wealth of Australian migration law and procedure knowledge and has assisted many clients with their visa applications.

Monika is passionate about helping people achieve their migration goals and provides practical advice and support to clients throughout the process. She has a strong commitment to providing quality service and takes the time to understand each client's individual need