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Having a remarkable experience in dealing with the complicated immigration process with an incredible success rate, Study Globe has earned great trust among its clients.

We pride ourselves in assisting International students and study abroad aspirants, providing them with reliable counsel to their study or immigration-related queries. Ensuring honest & practical consultation and personalized assistance, our team of experts adheres to global standards and handles your case in accordance with the law and immigration policies, so you get your case approved.

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Explore permanent residency and migration to Australia based on your skills, qualifications, and work experience. Our migration consultants and lawyers will help you find the best solution for all temporary or permanent visa pathways, including skilled migration, family visa, student visa, visitor visa, employer-sponsored visa, and immigration aid. Our skilled migration agents will help you apply for a visa with accuracy, compliance, and a higher probability of success. our migration services include :

Skilled migration: Discover the pathways to migrate to Australia based on your skills, qualifications, and work experience, and explore the        opportunities for permanent residency.
Partner and family visas: Learn about the options available for bringing your partner or family members to Australia, ensuring a smooth transition and reunion.
Employer-sponsored visas: Explore the opportunities for obtaining a work visa through employer sponsorship, enabling you to work and live in Australia temporarily or permanently.
Visa application assistance: Our experienced migration agents will guide you through the visa application process, ensuring accuracy, compliance with regulations, and a higher chance of success.
Citizenship applications: Learn about the requirements and steps involved in becoming an Australian citizen, providing you with the rights and privileges of being an Australian national.





At Study Globe, our dedicated team of education advisors and qualified education counsellors will help you choose your study destination and achieve your aspiring career in any country you choose to study or settle in. We help the aspiring international students with-

  • Student visa assistance: We provide expert guidance on student visa requirements, application processes, and the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth transition to studying in Australia.
  • Course selection: Our team of educational consultants will help you choose the right course and institution based on your interests, career aspirations, and academic background.
  • University/College applications: We assist you in preparing and submitting university applications, ensuring that you meet all the necessary requirements and deadlines.
  • Scholarships and funding opportunities: Explore the various scholarships and financial aid options available to international students, helping you make your education more affordable.
  • Pre-departure support: We provide valuable information and guidance to help you prepare for your journey to Australia, including accommodation options, travel arrangements, and settling into your new environment.

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